Mind over Matter? Health over Illness? Dr Bruce Lipton Illustrates the Power of Perception

New types of services that make this world a better place.

I recently learned of a new type of services. They allow to donate money to charity and in return you can get cool experiences, such as flights on a private plane, meetings with interesting personalities, ride in MR2 Spyder, advises & mentorships, try international cuisines, etc.

One of the services is SunnyKarma.com. They are based out of San Francisco & are having a huge fundraising networking mixer/party on July 17th where they will be raffling off a flight on a private plane, you can get more details here: http://sunnykarma.com

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2 thoughts on “Mind over Matter? Health over Illness? Dr Bruce Lipton Illustrates the Power of Perception

  1. Dear Sir:

    I hope you grasp the impact of what it means to be able to control the World Mind as Futurescape says can now be done. The statement made by Hawking about having to colonize space, or humanity will be extinct, is a whole lot more likely when you consider this technology in the hands of the unethical. There are things we can do and products that can be produced to counteract the potential abuses of these technologies. I have written a book on Tesla. I understand a lot about the Earth Energy Grid which allowed him to use the ground and air as capacitor and conductor when he demonstrated his wireless energy transmission and Unified Force Field. I am not looking for money or fame and I would be happy to just help in a productive manner. I know Bill Gates and Elon Musk are saying they have concerns but do they know about the Pentagon Dodecahedron and why summary death awaited ancients who spilled the beans. That is only one little thing that is part of what needs to be talked about.

    I am sure the robots can be a great thing and I disagree with Robert Shiller and others referring to this as a great source of human fear. We do need to plan for their gradual implementation so chaos does not occur. Nik Bostrom is right about what superintelligence could result in, but we can seriously deal with that as long as we have the World Mind on our side. Gravitational Wave researchers say metaphysics is now the most real factor of our existence. The god particle research talks about Time Travel. Both of these things are well known to me. When you consider the realistic possibility that we will use the Futurescape technology as autocratic tools of mind control rather than empowerment of humanity; that is a truly scary thing.

    Please contact me if you have any interest.

    Robert Baird

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